02 From the experience of being humanitxs

January 19, 2024

Hello there!

This first post is to share a bit more about what humanitxs is all about. Some time ago, we decided to take a step back from our social media and disconnect quite a bit from the online world. We did it to embrace the joys of real-life moments fully. However, we’ve realised that the future has caught up with us, and we’ve decided to share a bit more about ourselves here for our loved ones and those who resonate with our stories. This life has been wonderful; truthfully, we feel incredibly fortunate. We’re a couple who, for MANY years, have chosen to embark on a multitude of adventures that have taken us to some unique places and experiences but also presented us with some very challenging moments.

We’re a child-free couple by choice (we’ll share the adventure that was and continues to be this decision), but life has blessed us with the most incredible nieces and nephews. They, indeed, are the most fantastic thing that has happened to us. Watching them grow has been one of the greatest gifts we’ll take away from this life.

We’re also a couple who decided to leave our home country and journey through some countries far from “ours.” This has undoubtedly changed our way of living and our perspective on life. Today, we’re more rooted in a place that fascinates us, that we love and consider our home.

We’re that couple who dared to create our own story, distancing ourselves from certain conventions, always striving to live doing what makes us happy. Neither of us imagined getting married nor put much belief in love stories, but life managed to strike us from our first date without us imagining that it was the beginning of the best experience of our lives.

But above all, we’re a couple that loves each other immensely. Since we found each other, we’ve walked together, supporting each other, getting to know one another, healing together, holding each other tighter when storms have arrived, and preparing ourselves to live together until our last breath. Yes, the truth is, when you find the love of your life, what you desire most is to walk hand in hand until the end of this life. Hopefully, that’s how our story will unfold.

So, what are we going to talk about? Well, just so you’re not left wondering, here are some of the topics you’ll find here: the books that have impacted us and how we complement them with podcasts, series, movies, or vice versa; our world with plants and nature; the cultural experiences we encounter; our moments of reflection on the human experience, on love, family, friends, the complexities of mental health, and the changes in the body as the years go by; our work experiences (within and outside of a company); the experience of living outside the country where you’re born; what we enjoy day by day with our senses, as we absolutely love to relish delicious food, so get ready to savour many dishes with us. And surely, more topics will be added as time goes on.

If you vibe with what you’ve just read, it would be incredible for you to join us on this journey. Please know that this is simply a space for sharing. We’re not experts in anything but share everything from the heart.

Thank you for reading and have a fab day! 😘

Pssst, if you have something to share, something we can help with, or want to spread good vibes, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We’d love to get to know you.

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