January 22, 2024

The first memory I have linked to plants in my life revolves around my grandmothers. I remember my maternal grandma’s place—right by her front door; these little steps led up to a pot. Every time I passed by, a particular plant called Rue released its scent, leaving a lasting impression on me. Rue, a potent medicinal plant, held a strong fragrance. My grandmother kept all her medicinal plants in that big pot; she was a real plant enthusiast. But it wasn’t just her; my paternal grandmother was also a plant lover. Her home was a jungle filled with an avocado tree, a lemon tree, and one that bore spectacular guavas. The alleged feud with my granddad was when my grandmother arrived with a new plant every week. I’m unsure if my love for plants is in my blood, but certain plants are etched in my memory, reminding me of my grandmother’s and making me sigh.

My very first plant purchase happened when I received my first paycheck. I asked my mum for a piece of garden to sow a few plants. I went to a nursery and bought them. I distinctly remember the joy of planting them. The next chapter unfolded when my favourite human and I got our first apartment. The first things we bought were two plants. Unintentionally, it became a tradition in our lives; we always buy plants before furniture.

Gradually, plants took centre stage in our lives. We started with tiny pots and ended up setting up our urban gardens. We even built a home where ample plant space was a top priority.

Plants in my life symbolise those moments I need to calm my mind. They’re among the few spaces where I deeply meditate while interacting with them. I love talking to them, playing music for them, giving them little massages, hehe. I can tell when they feel down, crave my presence, or need a location change. I adore watching them grow; I cherish our ‘plant evenings’ where my favourite person and I pamper them, nurture them, trim them, and witness their increasing beauty.

Today, I can’t imagine my life without plants. Sometimes, I feel a bit ‘sad’ when we have to travel and leave them without their water and care for several days, but I love coming back home and feeling welcome.

So, after lots of years of tending to plants, we’d love to share our adventures and discoveries with them here and on our social media. If you’d like to share your little plant secrets too, we’d be ever so grateful because we’re absolutely fascinated by learning from them.

Thanks for reading, have a splendid day! 😘

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