08 BOOK: John (2005)

January 22, 2024

Cynthia Lennon (United Kingdom, 1939 – 2015)

This book has been incredibly touching, with a foreword written by Julian Lennon, shedding light on the complexity of being John Lennon’s son or part of his inner circle.

The book is Cynthia’s account, John Lennon’s first wife, sharing her experiences and, I suppose, the part of her life she chose to share. Diving into Cynthia’s story allows us to see another angle of Lennon’s life, as she expressed herself: ‘I want to tell the authentic story of the real John; the irritable, the kind, the sometimes cruel, the fun, the talented man in need of affection, who made such an impact on the world.’

The Lennon that Cynthia knew wasn’t the Lennon the world adored. There are many passages where she seems to justify everything Lennon did. However, the era and customs of relationships back then also played a significant role.

Personally, I think Cynthia truly loved Lennon and devoted her life to a story that never fully materialised. Although she includes letters, photographs, and recounts Lennon’s loving words to her, there’s an evident void that might be hard to perceive when someone is deeply in love.

One painful aspect of Lennon’s life, for me, is understanding how much he suffered from the abandonment by his parents and seeing how he ended up doing the same to Julian and Cynthia. The way he mistreated them was profoundly agonising.

Quotes that resonate with me:

‘Dad was a great talent, an extraordinary man who fought for peace and love in the world; but at the same time, he found it very difficult to show any signs of peace or love to his first family: my mother and me.’

Thank you for being here; have a fantastic day! 😘

P.S. This book will always be special because my mum gifted it to me. It fills me with tenderness to see it, as she covered it in plastic to protect it. That’s why it holds a special place in my library.

P.P.S. See you on the next 9th of October. Let’s see which other John Lennon book we find.

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