January 22, 2024

Yvon Chouinard (United States, 1984)

“And what if we bought to live and didn’t live to buy?”

Naomi Klein

I’ve never bought anything from the Patagonia brand. I’ve looked at their stores with curiosity, but I thought their items were aimed at people who are more specialised in certain sports (my mistake). Today, it’s clear to me why they are a global reference for their products and why they have such a good reputation as a brand. It’s fascinating to see how the seed of a dream grows into a reality, and that was the adventure of this book.

My main reflections:

  • I loved discovering how Yvon Chouinard’s personal and business history intertwines.
    • It’s very interesting how, in life, you find your tribe. Here, it’s clear that Patagonia’s success results from a great team.
    • Although I’m unfamiliar with many of the sports mentioned here, the importance of respecting the mountains, the sea, and the environment we live in is clear to me.
    • This book could be a great source of inspiration for building companies with greater awareness and contributing positively to the Earth and all its inhabitants.
    • I admire what they express in their values; here’s a small example: “All company decisions are made in the context of an ecological crisis…”

Their philosophy encompasses:

  • Product design philosophy
    • Production philosophy
    • Distribution philosophy
    • Architecture philosophy
    • Marketing philosophy
    • Financial philosophy
    • Human resources philosophy
    • Management philosophy
    • Environmental philosophy

The book features truly beautiful photographs that complement the narrative and bring the story they’re telling to life.

Words I’ll keep:

There are so many words I’d like to put here, but I’ll summarize it in the final lesson of this book:

“The more we know, the less we need.”

Thanks for reading me.

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