18 BOOK: Limitless (2020)

January 22, 2024

Jim Kwik (United States, 1973)

📝 In my goals for this year, I set out to learn how to use my brain better. I’m intrigued by everything there is in the brain, and on a podcast, I heard a recommendation for this book that has been tremendously interesting.

🧠 “Limitless” by Jim Kwik is a true gem for anyone looking to enhance their mind and learn how to learn. Jim Kwik, an expert in accelerating learning and memory, shares his proven strategies to optimise brain function. From practical techniques for remembering names and numbers to tips for improving concentration and reading speed, Jim breaks it down with exercises and easy-to-follow methods.

❤️ Something I really liked about “Limitless” is how Jim shares his experiences. Through sincere anecdotes about his struggle with reading and memory, he shows us that we can all improve our mental abilities. He also provides tools to overcome mental and emotional obstacles that often hinder us on the path to personal growth.

🤓 I’m trying to apply most of the techniques from the book, but over time, we’ll see how well they work. It’s clear that I’ve had some bad practices for my brain for quite a few years, so it’s time to change.

Some lessons to share:

• ⚠️ Beware of the four villains:

Digital overload

Digital distraction

Digital avalanche

Digital devaluation

👀 Watch out for how much time we spend on our electronic devices.

Confession: I need to cut down on my addiction. 🫣


Define your values, reasons, and pains.

Let’s take advantage of the neuroplasticity of our brain. 😎

There are different types of intelligence. Be careful not to think we’re too clever. 🤝🏼

• Free yourself from negative thoughts. ⛔

• Passion + Purpose, a key formula in the process.

• Nutrition + Exercise + Good sleep 🙌🏽

• Music and smell also help us learn. (Bach’s music is recommended) 🎼

• Use and work your memory. Nowadays, we hardly use it. 🧠

• Reading is very, VERY important. The book shows super interesting techniques to improve our reading ability. 📚

Words I’ll keep:

  • Passion comes when we rediscover our authentic, alive self, the one who has been muted and buried beneath a pile of other people’s expectations.
  • A big part of self-love is being protective of your time and energy.
  • JOMO-the joy of missing out.
  • “The human brain requires 45 distinct nutrients to function best. While most of these nutrients are created by the brain itself, the rest are imported from our diet.”
  • KILLING ANTS – ANTs are “automatic negative thoughts.
  • Concentration is a critical component of anything you want to accomplish.
  • Question your questions.
  • It’s not how smart you are; it’s how you are smart. There are multiple types of intelligence.
  • The secret of a good memory is attention, and attention to a subject depends upon our interest in it.
  • We rarely forget that which has made a deep impression on our minds. Tyron Edwards
  • Good memory or bad memory, only a trained memory or an untrained memory.

Thanks for reading me.

Have an incredibly cool day! 😘

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