21 Documentary Theatre: Federico García Lorca

January 22, 2024

I find the life of Federico García Lorca very intriguing; I enjoy delving into his world and learning more about him and his work. While I’ve had the chance to see some of his plays in the theatre, this time, his life took the spotlight in this AMAZING documentary theatre piece.

I had never experienced a documentary theatre performance before, and it was a super exciting experience. The play began with a projection of the beautiful Andalusian landscapes that slowly faded to bring to life the five characters steering this representation: a singer, a guitarist, a narrator, a percussionist, and a dancer.

Throughout the play, different segments of interviews with people who knew García Lorca well are projected, but what captivated me the most was the blend of the digital and the live components. The music was terrific, and the dancer was impressive. I had never had the chance to feel shivers down my spine watching someone dance to such spectacular music. But above all, I was moved by how this became part of García Lorca’s story.

🥰 I love it when I can connect with a play in this way and experience emotions I’ve never felt before. It was as if I could feel García Lorca’s passion for creation, inhabiting a body full of magic and a mind brimming with ideas and struggles.

❤️ That play truly captivated me. Now, it’s time to continue exploring more about Lorca, so certain books, places, and documentaries are already on the list.

Thanks for reading me.

Have a lovely day! 🥰

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