23 BOOK: The Fugitive (2007)

January 22, 2024

Sergio Ramírez (Nicaragua, 1942)

Personal Reflection:

“The Fugitive” is a book that initially puzzled me due to its narrative. I couldn’t understand if everything was fiction or what was happening. I have the habit of not researching in advance about the content of our book club reads to enjoy the experience more. I started looking for information and found that some elements were real. However, as the author rightly points out:

“This novel is a work of fiction. All characters and situations have been invented and are the product of the author’s imagination.”

Under this premise, the book delves into the life of “Amanda Solano,” a character created to portray a Costa Rican writer marked by events that gradually take away her soul. The story is narrated from the perspective of three women who were part of Amanda’s life. Each offers her version of events, sharing similarities and differences in their narratives.

Getting to know Amanda through these three women was impactful. Her rebellion, stubbornness, and customs make her a peculiar figure for her time. I must confess that the account that captivated me the most was that of the last woman, who, judging by the information and coincidences, seems to be Chavela Vargas. Her perspective was fascinating.

Group Reflection:

  • Oops! This book didn’t receive the best comments. In general, most didn’t like it. They found the historical details and learning more about the history of Costa Rica interesting, but it was a heavy read with too much detail that became tiresome.
  • An interesting point we analyzed was the case of those women who are very strong in their professional lives but have very complicated personal lives.

Thanks for reading.

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