January 22, 2024

A few days ago, we had the opportunity to live an experience we had never encountered before, trying to listen to and observe the red deer roaring.

🌳🦌Red deer roaring is the mating ritual of deer during the autumn. The males begin to roar and fight to conquer the females, using their antlers as a symbol of power.

This phenomenon occurs in southern Spain, in places like Andalusia, in those magical and enchanting forests. During these intense antler clashes, the males seek to impress their ladies with their strength and hoarse voices, so they start roaring with all their might.

👣Our adventure began by walking through the forest, enjoying the landscape. On our way, we encountered numerous butterflies which seemed very similar to monarch butterflies (although we still need to confirm their identity). Upon reaching our meeting point, we were surprised to see that we were not the only visitors interested in the red deer roaring. There were some wild boars, or at least that’s what we were told, as they had crossed paths with other piglets, acquiring peculiarities that can be seen in the photos.

👀We sat down and dedicated ourselves to contemplating, enjoying the sunset, and waiting for the nightfall. Those minutes were wonderful because we were silent and could appreciate all the forest sounds. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to hear the deer, but the experience was worth it. Also, there was no WIFI, so it was a moment of complete disconnection and contemplation.

😍The most remarkable thing about this experience was that we did it with friends. In the end, we had a nighttime picnic in the forest, where we had a great time. After dinner, we returned to our little home with our souls clear and tranquil from such a beautiful experience.

Thanks for reading.

Have a lovely day! 🥰

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