30 Festival Eñe

January 22, 2024

Málaga 2023

“The taste of the apple is not in the apple; it’s in the mouth that savours it.”

– Berkeley

I’m a huge fan of literature festivals. I love listening to authors live. I enjoy having my books signed by the authors, but I don’t like going to ask for the signatures. I’m filled with mixed feelings. For me, authors aren’t rock stars; many have more introverted personalities, and I feel bad about invading their space. However, I appreciate it a lot when they kindly sign our books. Fortunately, I have a great partner who loves queuing up, asking for a signature, and then coming back with a big smile and handing me my dedicated books. For moments like these, I think my life is wonderful.

👫🏽 This week, we attended the Eñe Festival in Málaga. We could attend several talks, but I’ll only talk about my favourite, the session with Fernando Aramburu. He spoke about the poetic dimension of his work. One of the books I’ve liked the most, confronted, and cried the most about was written by Aramburu, titled “Patria,” where he talks about life in Euskadi under the terrorism of ETA. Coincidentally, this month, it’s the book for our book club, and we’ll discuss the topic further.

🎙️ Aramburu took a brief journey through his history as a writer, his lean years, his use of the people’s language, how he sought to enrich that language, and how poetry was the first thing in his life.

What I liked most about listening to Aramburu was that he gave me another idea of poetry. Many of us believe that poetry is only read with a poem, and that’s not the case for him. Poetry can be anywhere: in an act of kindness, in a landscape, in a look. Similarly, he believes that the most unpoetic thing is politics.

• The taste of the apple is not in the apple; it’s in the mouth that savours it. (Berkeley) – The same goes for poetry.

• He is very proud of the young man he was, of having been able to choose literary creation instead of other paths to express his rebellion.

• Poetry at the expense of others can be harmful. You can’t harm others, NEVER, not with the excuse of an ideology, nor with any excuse.

• The first book he read, the one he has read the most and that has marked his life, is “Lazarillo de Tormes.”

❤️ Aramburu’s Basque accent is very cool. His personality seemed very eloquent and very refined. He has a solemn look and smiles a little; his kindness is rough, but it’s appreciated that he tries. In the end, many people approached for book signings. My favourite human was also in the queue, and the guy before us asked Aramburu for a photo. It was clear that Aramburu wasn’t very pleased, but it was also evident that he made an effort to please his readers. Listening to him was a super enriching experience, and it brought a big smile to my soul to be able to attend events like this.

Thank you for reading.

Wishing you a fantastic day! 😘

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