31 BOOK The Ridiculous Idea of Not Seeing You Again (2013)

January 23, 2024

Rosa Montero (Spain, 1951)

Only in births and in deaths does one step out of time.

Today is a special day. Marie Curie was born many years ago, a woman who left an indelible mark on the history of physics and chemistry. To honour her, I re-read a book that fascinates me, where the great Rosa Montero tells us more about this remarkable woman.

😍 I’m a HUGE fan of Rosa Montero; I’d love her to be my friend or even a relative! She seems very pleasant; I love reading and listening to her. This book is another gem in her work.

✍🏽 This book is truly wonderful. You discover two great women, Rosa Montero and Marie Curie, sharing their profound grief. I knew about Marie C. because they mentioned her at school, and then I learned about her greatness, her significant contribution to the world, and that she won two Nobel Prizes, but reading about her life in this book touched sensitive chords.

📝 Every page makes you feel like Rosa Montero was there, whispering the story to you. The book’s tone is very close, and I loved that she used the famous hashtags because it made me imagine her tweeting. Additionally, there are photos that completely immerse you in the story. It’s like you’re chatting with Rosa Montero while she shows you photos and tells you about the life of Marie Curie, connecting it with her own story.

🤯 What I admire the most is Rosa’s meticulous research about Marie’s life. I’m also fascinated by how she gives this story a human and feminine approach. She grounds it in everyday life, exploring important topics like love, dreams, fears, and mistakes.

😢 This is a tremendously enriching book; it took me several sighs and made me cry (all three times I’ve read it!). I connected deeply with the narrated grief, and the theme of the death of your great love is something that shakes me just thinking about it.

❤️ Words that stay with me:

• We all need beauty to make life bearable. Fernando Pessoa expressed it well: “Literature, like art in general, is the demonstration that life is not enough.” It’s not enough, no. That’s why I’m writing this book. That’s why you’re reading it.

• Love consists of finding someone with whom to share your quirks.

• Art, in general, and literature, in particular, are powerful weapons against Evil and Pain. Novels don’t defeat them (they are invincible), but they console us from the horror.

• True pain is unspeakable. If you can talk about what distresses you, you’re lucky: that means it’s not that important.

Thank you for reading me 😘.

Wishing you a fantastic day!

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