33 Things We Love About Living in Naas – Ireland

January 23, 2024

Naas was the place that welcomed us to Ireland; it’s just outside Dublin and super accessible by train. Living there gave us an incredible quality of life. The cleanest air we’ve ever breathed was in Naas.

✍🏽 Here are the things we love about living in Naas:

  • We lived near a cool canal; walking around there was so relaxing.
  • Our beautiful little house. Finding a place to live in Ireland is super tricky. There’s a limited supply of available housing. When they showed us the house we live in, there were over 20 interested families, so we really appreciated that they gave it to us. It was a new, unfurnished house, making it even more attractive, as most homes are old. We were very happy to fix it up and make it our home. We even had a little urban garden!
  • On the corner, we had our local pub, where they brewed their beer, and it’s been the tastiest beer I’ve ever tried.
  • When we went for evening walks, we passed a house where a sunflower always peeked out. It grew back every year. It was amazing because that sunflower greeted us even in the rain and cold.
  • We had a local shop/café that motivated us to go out and walk to it because it sold the most delicious brownies, but the niceness of the people working there was the loveliest part.
  • Our landlords. Eddie and his wife will always be in our hearts. They had a vast garden, and they always shared part of their crops with us when they harvested. When we celebrated one year of renting, they brought us a thank-you card with 100 euros to go out to dinner. We will always be grateful for life putting people like them in our path.
  • Buying a car in Ireland is expensive, especially for foreigners, because the insurance cost is EXTREMELY HIGH. So, we felt fearless and decided not to have a car for a while; we cycled around our little village until the cold and rain became unbearable, and we had to dip into our savings for the car.
  • One of the coolest concerts we attended was in a church in our village. Churches are cool places for concerts.
  • Our first horse race. It was a very interesting experience; I was surprised by how fancy people dress for these events and how seriously they take it.

We will always be very grateful for the experience of living in Naas; it gave us some very beautiful moments.

Thank you for reading.

Have a great day! 😘

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