34 BOOK Rialto 11 (2019)

January 23, 2024

Belén Rubiano (Seville, 1970)

Yesterday, we celebrated Independent Bookstore Day in our city. I love this celebration because it highlights and promotes those bookstores that fight yearly to stay in the market. The work of the booksellers is genuinely interesting and not at all simple in these times. I acquired the book I want to share today from one of these bookstores. I asked the bookseller for a recommendation on books related to Spanish bookstores, and he suggested “Rialto 11”. One of the cool things about visiting a bookstore is being able to chat with the bookseller and have them suggest readings🎉.

✍🏾 This book was an absolute pleasure to read; it flew by. The author tells us about her fascinating journey of opening her bookstore. She begins by sharing her experience as an employee in a bookstore, where she faced everyday challenges and the difficulties of being a woman in an environment where men were often preferred for that job.

❤️ The most inspiring part is when she decides to pursue her dream of having her bookstore. Throughout the story, we discover the adventures she faces. As readers, we relate to her joys, fears, anger, and, above all, her passion for keeping her bookstore afloat. Additionally, the book has very amusing moments when she recounts the peculiar personalities that visit a bookstore, as well as unpleasant situations, like book thefts.

Although the book doesn’t have a happy ending or the one, we expect as readers, it leaves us with a warm feeling as we witness all the beautiful experiences of running a bookstore. Now, I have a new list of books to get, some mentioned in the book and others inspired by it.

Words I take with me:

‘A bookstore was nothing like the ones we know now… The bookstores we now love have been invented by modern solitude and the urgent need for profit margins.’

Thank you for reading.

Have a great day! 😘

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