35 BOOK: Vicky Losada – Captain (2022)

January 23, 2024

Andrés Corpas (Spain)

I love football, and over time, it has become more conflictive for me. Football, like many other sports and industries, contains a lot of human baseness, and I am a sinful human being who cannot judge. That’s why I can’t shake my enthusiasm when I watch a soccer game, especially if it’s my favourite team.

The Spanish women’s national team won the World Cup a few months ago. I remember the excitement I felt in that match; it was a very different emotion, a proud feeling watching female bodies unleashing all their power. I don’t consider myself a feminist (PLEASE, don’t hate me; I have my reasons), but I felt an uncontrollable pride seeing many women on the field and TV commenting on the match. Of course, the triumph of the Spanish team was spectacular, but the end of that story was also regrettable; hopefully, it makes us reflect on the times we are living in.

So, with my football fervour, I searched for books about female footballers. I could only find this one for now, but I think it’s a good start.

Vicky Losada is a Spanish footballer who plays midfielder for Brighton & Hove Albion in England (2022). In 232 pages, they narrate Vicky’s beginnings alongside the growth and professionalisation of women’s football. Although other players had an even more difficult path than Vicky, she faced many prejudices and labels, such as “tomboy” (WTF humans!); she even had to eat dust from the pitches she played on. Her journey is exciting; knowing how to move at the right time between the different teams she has been in has inspired me a lot. Knowing how to reinvent herself outside her homeland, away from her people, sounds easy but is very challenging. Knowing how to pave the way in a sport where, in its early days, they had very precarious working conditions and clinging to her dream for the love of the game itself and not for economic motivation is only for the brave.

Choosing the path of bravery is difficult, and Vicky knows it well. This lesson has been given to her by her football career because, for some years, she didn’t feel supported enough to express her true self. She couldn’t be free to express her love and went through tough times due to the lack of references and support until she decided to captain her life and show herself as a proud lesbian. Since then, she has championed her cause very well. She wants the next generations to be able to express themselves freely and love whoever they want without having to hide. I loved learning about her love story, which is so beautiful. It’s cool to see photos with her partner; both look so happy and radiant.

Long live love! Long live being able to develop our dreams in a place where our being is fullest!

Here’s one of her most iconic goals at the beginning of her career.

Thank you for reading.

Have a great day! 😘

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