37 BOOK Master Mentors (2021)

January 23, 2024

Scott Jeffrey (USA)

📖 This book compiles insights from 30 leaders in different industries, offering an intriguing strategy that leaves you wanting to discover more through the author’s podcast. You can’t escape all his products, can you?

✍🏾 When I read books like this, I’m surprised by the number of humans leading ‘old-school,’ imposing their ideas or mistreating their employees. Nowadays, a wealth of information is available to be a good leader and team member. Let’s strive more to improve, as work is where we spend most of our time and where our physical and mental health is most affected.

❤️ I found many interesting people here: leaders who know how to manage their lives and teams. It’s clear to me that good leaders first lead their own lives and then guide others.

Lessons and reflections from this book:

  • Practising gratitude, we often overlook the small daily blessings.
  • Self-awareness is fundamental, even if it sounds cliché. Few really achieve it; it’s a confrontational challenge.
  • Being aware of our emotions and knowing how to manage them (Emotional Agility).
  • Caring for our brain is crucial for our quality of life, regardless of age.
  • We must be careful not to focus only on people similar to us; everyone has valuable potential, even those who are different. You don’t have to be extroverted to excel.
  • Self-discipline is key to achieving our goals; sometimes, doing nothing also counts as action.
  • Great leaders make others shine, not just themselves.

Thank you for reading.

Have a great day! 😘

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