42 Dublin Bookstores

January 23, 2024

😍Here are some delightful bookshops we absolutely love in Dublin:

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is steeped in a rich literary tradition, boasting a variety of bookstores that reflect this cultural heritage. From historic establishments to modern boutiques, each bookshop offers its unique personality and a curated selection of books. Recognised as a UNESCO City of Literature since 2010, Dublin is celebrated for its unwavering commitment to the world of letters. This UNESCO title acknowledges Dublin’s profound literary history, active support for contemporary literary endeavours, and dedication to promoting reading and writing through educational initiatives and cultural events.

Hodges Figgis – An iconic bookstore on Dawson Street, Hodges Figgis has a history spanning over 250 years. Founded in 1768 by Charles Hodges, it has stood as a cultural landmark for book lovers, offering an extensive collection of books across genres, from classic literature to the latest bestsellers. Specialised sections cover history, art, music, and more.

56-58 Dawson St, Dublin 2, D02 XE81, Irlanda


CHAPTERS – Nearly facing closure, this bookstore endured and is known for its diverse range of books, spanning fiction and non-fiction, classic literature, art, design, and beyond. It also features a section with attractively priced books.

Ivy Exchange, Parnell St, Rotunda, Dublin 1, D01 P8C2, Irlanda


DUBRAY – With several branches, our preferred spot is located on the charming Grafton Street at number 36. Dubray offers a broad selection, including bestsellers, classic literary works, and specialised titles in various genres. The upper floor hosts a café, adding to the overall book-browsing experience.


BOOKS UPSTAIRS – In operation since 1978 and has been at different locations, Books Upstairs is a personal favourite. Renowned for having hard-to-find books, it also houses a delightful café on the second floor.

17 D’Olier Street, Dublin 2, Irlanda


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