44 RECAP The Best of November

January 23, 2024


  • Patria – Fernando Aramburu
  • Las batallas en el desierto – José Emilio Pacheco
  • La ridícula idea de no volver a verte – Rosa Montero
  • The Psychology of Money – Morgan Housel
  • El hombre joven – Annie Ernaux
  • Master Mentors – Scott Jeffrey
  • El arte de ser Raffaella Carrà – Paolo Armelli
  • Vicky Losada – Andrés Corpas
  • Rialto, 11 – Belén Rubiano


El caso Bettencourt: El escándalo de la mujer más rica del mundo.

This series is scandalously interesting. They only present one version of the facts, but delving deeper into the story of this incredibly wealthy woman would be great. It’s sad to see how old age, desperation, and money become desirable for humans, and sometimes we can misbehave.

The Crown

I’ve been a massive fan of this series since the first season. It’s fascinating how the British monarchy continues to influence the lives and personalities of the English. This season moved me a lot because I think, despite the many appearances, the monarchy leads a miserable life.

Modern Love Amsterdam

I love stories told from everyday life, from the real issues of humans. I’m a big fan of this series, and I had never seen that it has many versions based in different places worldwide. Amsterdam is one of my favourite places, and I enjoyed the love stories they told.


Un Libro Una Hora

I love this podcast, and I think it could appeal to those who don’t like to read but are curious about stories. It’s narrated in a super cool way, and in an hour (or less), you learn a lot about good literature.

El podcast de Marian Rojas

This podcast is an excellent complement to a therapeutic process. The way Marian explains our mental processes is exciting; besides giving you clarity, it gives you a little push for day-to-day life.

On Leadership

This month, we talked about the book Master Mentors, and the author of that book hosts this podcast. I like the podcast much more than the book. Hearing the vision of so many leaders, especially the topics discussed, is fascinating.


  • The birth of a new nephew is BEAUTIFUL, and I’m delighted to know that everything went very well.
  • Seeing and hugging our little friends from the book club, enjoying our conversations, and laughing with them.
  • Seeing an Irish friend who is and will be a significant person in my life again. I love that she shares her wisdom with me, and I can share my life with her.
  • Knowing that my nephews and my dearest people read Humanitxs.
  • Participating in the Sculpture Workshop – We loved it; it was relaxing.
  • Participating in a Poetry Workshop – We came out very happy with the experience because we could make new friends, and above all, we learned to value poetry more.
  • Eñe Festival – We love learning at literary festivals; hearing Fernando Aramburu was super enriching.
  • Putting up our Christmas tree – I’m very rigid about certain rituals but I decided to break my rigidity this time. The Christmas tree was put up much earlier than our official date, and I love seeing our Christmassy home.
  • Don Juan Tenorio Theater Play – It’s a classic play, and I loved seeing it in the theatre.
  • Cabaré a la Gaditana Theater Play – I laughed a lot with this play, and although I still don’t understand some local jokes, I like feeling that I already understand most of them. The most remarkable thing about this play was the company of our friends; afterwards, we went to dinner, which was very delicious.
  • Our book club is one of the days of the month I enjoy the most. I love hearing different perspectives on the same book.
  • Couples Life Workshop – This month, we completed a workshop that gave us more tools to continue growing as a couple. I enjoyed this activity very much with my other half.
  • I achieved my reading goal for the year – 41 books.


  • It hurt A LOT not to be able to be there for the arrival of my new nephew.
  • Continuing with life, knowing that many people suffer visible and invisible wars.
  • First anniversary of the death of one of my best friends. This wound is still trying to heal.
  • Dealing with bureaucracy for paperwork. Regrettably, procedures are challenging because people don’t want to do their job.

Thank you for reading.

Have a great day! 😘

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