45 EPIC Museum

January 23, 2024

The Irish Emigration Museum

EPIC is one of my favourite museums in Dublin. Despite not being a fan of nationalist museums, this place manages to tell Ireland’s story in a remarkable way. It doesn’t focus on superiority or superficial patriotism but on the events that have shaped this nation and brought it to where it stands today. In Mexican terms, I would say “Ireland is small but spicy”; they know how to quicken their pace in challenging moments like the ones we are facing, which is reflected in this museum.

✍🏽The EPIC Museum, which stands for “The Irish Emigration Museum,” opened its doors in 2016 in Dublin, Ireland. It is in the Custom House Quarter, a historic site in the city centre. The museum stands in a building of great importance, as the Custom House is an iconic 18th-century monument, an architectural symbol of Dublin’s history.

EPIC is dedicated to telling the story of the Irish diaspora, exploring the reasons, experiences, and contributions of the Irish who emigrated to different parts of the world over the centuries. The museum’s focus goes beyond forced emigration during the potato famine in the 19th century, covering other migration waves and highlighting the Irish community’s success, innovation, and survival stories abroad.

🤩Through a combination of interactive technology, multimedia exhibits, historical artefacts, and personal narratives, the museum provides an immersive and emotional experience illustrating the lasting impact of the Irish diaspora worldwide.

❤️🇮🇪The EPIC Museum not only offers a retrospective view but also celebrates the spirit of the current Irish community and its influence on the modern world. Personal stories and achievements of notable individuals are intertwined with collective history, creating an immersive and touching experience that connects the past with the present.

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