50 Quirks of Living in Ireland

January 23, 2024

Living in a place different from what you’ve known forever brings its changes. Our customs and micro-universes vary, but when you move to another country, everything takes on new dimensions. Here, I’ll share what caught our attention the most about living in Ireland:

🚘Driving on the opposite side than we’re used to. My human is a great driver, which helped us a lot, but being a co-pilot at first is stressful because everything feels upside down. I constantly felt like crossing streets was a challenge, haha!

😱We were surprised that, after local elections, the winners sent us their contact details directly to our mailbox and constantly showed up to be accountable.

🧐The garbage collection system is very efficient: the trucks and collectors are impeccable. We all had to use the same trash bins and follow a collection schedule. Also, you pay for the amount of garbage you generate, which made me grumble about the excess of plastic in supermarkets. Sometimes, seeing watermelon slices in a plastic container was ridiculous.

📩Irish people love giving cards to congratulate or thank. In almost every shop, you find great cards. I loved receiving them!

☕We discovered that it’s good manners to offer a cup of tea to someone who comes to do a service at home. I found out when the person who came to install the internet was sitting in the dining room, chatting away and waiting for his cup of tea.

😳There are no individual napkins, only rolls of napkins. I still need to find out why they don’t sell the square napkins that are so common in Mexico.

🫖Irish tea, which I think is similar to English tea, is taken with milk. Sorry, but I never managed to try it like that, but my human became a fan or maybe a wannabe, haha.

👏🏽Irish people respect personal space a lot. If they slightly touch you, you’ll hear a quick “sorry.”

😍I love that most Irish people are not invasive or stare in an uncomfortable way! Even near construction zones during working hours, I never heard disrespectful comments towards women. They are truly respectful.

🥶The water at the beaches is VERY VERY COLD. Only my little feet dared to touch the water for a few seconds; it felt like electric shocks, haha! Although I’ve always liked cold water, I never managed to swim on the beaches of Ireland. At first, it was weird to go to the beach bundled up, but it became one of our favourite things because we could read near the sea all bundled up.

🍀Irish people push their products a lot and are proud of them. There are lots of cool stores with Irish items due to their traditions and the marketing around them.

🤓The Irish people we interacted with are very educated. I was surprised to be able to talk about books with my coworkers, see many people reading on trains, and, best of all, at my farewell at work, I received many books as gifts!

🫣Many Irish women use quite a bit of makeup in a peculiar shade. I had never seen so much stained clothing in stores due to this type of makeup.

🤪Despite the kindness of the Irish, in our first half marathon in Dublin, we were surprised that, although there were people on the streets, they didn’t cheer us on. I think it’s the only time I missed the hustle and bustle, haha.

👂🏽I can’t forget to mention the Irish accent and words. The accent varies a lot outside Dublin, depending on whether you’re in the north or south, like in many countries. Some accents are challenging to understand, so you have to pay attention!

Thanks for reading.

Have a great day! 😘

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