53 BOOK Tía buena – Hottie (2023)

January 23, 2024

Alberto Olmos (Spain, 1975)

“Who decides if a specific woman is a hottie? The observer? The one who deliberately produces that image?”

This book has really shaken me up. It made me reflect a lot on how I’ve changed over time. I’m sure that if I had read it in my twenties or thirties, my opinion would have been very different.

I still have several books by this author to read. Just as I was about to start one, they announced the publication of this book, which, upon hearing the title, led me to think of something completely different from its actual content. It was funny because I am so focused on being a good aunt to my nieces and nephews that my mind completely strayed from the book’s topic. In Spain, being a “Tía buena” is unrelated to the theme of nieces and nephews. It’s linked to female erotic capital.

So, we begin: “…men fall in love with a face, and women with a story…” Olmos decides to investigate what it means to be a “Hottie,” and in 291 pages, he takes us on a journey that includes interviews with women to philological and philosophical analysis of everything that has been written about being a “Tía buena.” From a research perspective, it’s very interesting, but what gives it a lot of fun value is his field research by asking many women: Do you consider yourself a Tía buena? I loved the answers he got; they were for laughing, crying, and reflecting.

Youth and beauty have been appreciated explicitly and implicitly throughout our evolution. And from there, it’s worth asking how the author does it: Who decides if a specific woman is a Tía buena? The observer? The one who deliberately produces that image? I would love for those who read this to share their opinions.

At the end of the book, I wanted to set fire to all the magazines, programs, and fashions that have been instilled in us and that we have adopted to “be young and beautiful.” However, the author brilliantly concludes the book by talking about the concept of “caloagnosia” and what that would mean in the lives of humans (WTF!) This leads me to want to read more books and investigate more to understand better this topic that initially seemed superficial about being a “hottie.”

Interesting points in the book:

  • Tía buena refers to a woman who, in a specific environment, takes on the role of an object of desire and maintains that role at all costs, assuming it as her own.”
  • “What you need to do is get involved with the right one, like Georgina with Ronaldo.”
  • “…to some extent, every woman had something to say in the first person about being hot.”
  • “A Hottie is the one who dresses for her hotness.”
  • “The myth of beauty, as conceived today, arose to take the place of the feminine mystique, to save magazines and their advertisers from the economic consequences of the feminist revolution.”
  • “…the amount of time, energy, and money that is looking good or being hot or trying to be even more so or trying not to stop being so over the years steal from women throughout their lives, time, energy, and money that, of course, they cannot devote to other matters, such as work, artistic creation, or simply personal development.”
  • “We can say that, even in our time, the main provider of self-esteem for a woman consists of seeing herself as sexy.”
  • “The alleged emancipation of women perfectly coincides with consumerism.” –Nina Power
  • Power believes that feminism has been emptied of meaning and redirected towards permanent coaching. Once every woman is the particular recipient of the ideas of personal fulfilment, growth, self-expression, and freedom that feminism spreads, she may not become exactly a feminist but a hyper consumer.
  • Naomi Wolf: “What the Internet and postmodernity seem to have done with sexual life is to recognise it shamelessly as a simple extension of capitalism, a colony finally conquered.”
  • “Sex produces economic capital”
  • “There is an exorbitant amount of money in the simple act of a man looking at a woman, in a woman wanting to be looked at; in any product, from a film, a soap, turning to a hot aunt to sell more.”
  • “…men get drunk on fiction…
  • Clothes are the main erotic trigger; therefore, the basic consumer good in scopophilic capitalism…”.
  • 19th century: “Man gave up his claim to be considered beautiful. From then on, he only wanted to be useful.”
  • “We are educated to please (especially to please them), while they are basically educated to please no one, they are usually educated to succeed; it is the fact of succeeding that makes them seductive.” –Esther Tusquets
  • “Flirting is the social ascent tool left to women in ‘a system created by and for them.’ To succeed, one must be beautiful, our fifteen or twenty-year-old girl finally understands.” –Amarna Miller
  • “What woman, among all of us, can swear that she has never used her beauty, her seduction weapons, and her charms to get a man to do her a little favour?” –Nancy Huston
  • “Formerly, they used women to benefit from their bodies, and now we are our own pimps.” –La Mala Rodríguez
  • “When I’m forty, I will get a facelift that costs as much as a flat entrance. Why?… to keep looking beautiful, because life is kinder to a beautiful woman because I don’t want to become invisible.”
  • “Any beautiful woman knows there is no solidarity among women.”
  • “Now young girls never believe they are good enough.”
  • “So, Instagram already determines a rather crude inclination for sexes: girls have to be hot, and boys have to be rich.”
  • “I’m uglier than hunger. For me, flirting without being a footballer would have been impossible.” –Giorgio Chiellini

Thanks for reading.

Have a great day! 😘

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