54 BOOK Antonio Vega – (2023)

January 23, 2024

Magdalena Ronda (Spain, 1970)

“I haven’t found the meaning of my life yet, but I keep looking for it every day and in every song.” – Antonio Vega

Antonio Vega was born on December 16, 1957. If someone doesn’t know him, he is best known for his time with the band Nacha Pop. Many of us from a certain generation have heard “Lucha de gigantes“; that voice and guitar belong to Antonio Vega.

I read this book several months ago, but today seems like a special day to share what it stirred in me. Learning about Antonio’s life story triggered many personal and shared alarms. It confirmed my belief that there are predefined destinies, things that we have to live through, even if we fight against them.

When there are serious addiction issues, we often blame childhood, our parents, traumatic experiences, etc. However, there are also cases where none of those reasons exist, and it’s simply the person’s decision to take that path. That is the case with Antonio Vega, an extremely talented man who devoted himself to his two great loves (Marga and Teresa), his music, and drugs.

This biography is constructed from fragments of people close to him, and it’s very moving to see how love for a loved one surpasses societal rules. His closest circle accepted the life Antonio chose and respected him with love, which I find tremendously difficult to achieve. We always want to play the “saviour” and “help” our loved ones, but true love comes with respect.

Handling Antonio’s hypersensitivity and immense talent was challenging. The world becomes very challenging when life endows you with so much feeling, and the words said about him stayed with me: “He went through very sordid and horrible situations, but I believe he was happy. At least, he felt in harmony with what he thought life was. Besides, he was very aware of the ephemerality of all this. I think he chose to live outside, to live in the universe, in his head…”

Words I take with me:

  • Antonio Vega was always his mother’s, she was his reference figure, and the two shared traits, character, and a special and overflowing sensitivity.
  • It was not easy to be with Antonio Vega or live with him. Being independent and strong was the only way to be with him.
  • Antonio Vega’s lyrics are almost a dictionary to understand his personality, interests, anxieties, and desires.
  • “What’s going on with you, Antonio? What do you lack, man, what do you lack, what do you want, what do you need? – And he replied to me: … Man, you won’t believe it, but sometimes the world…, and you see, the world is big, look how big it is, well, sometimes, man, it feels small to me. I get bored, it oppresses me, it feels… I need to get out of here.”
  • I think he chose to live outside, to live in the universe, in his head…

Thank you for reading.

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