56 Trip to Barcelona

January 23, 2024

Barcelona is undoubtedly one of my favourite cities in Spain. It has that special vibe that captivates you. Here’s what we enjoyed most about this trip:

  • Train Travel – Comfort and beautiful views galore. It’s a shame that the plane is often cheaper than the train.
  • Bookstore Tour – This is always a significant part of our trips. I love bookstores; seeing my human helping me carry the books is the best! My top pick: ONA, really cool!
  • Bouncing Back from Setbacks – We were looking for a bakery that supposedly had the best croissants in Spain, and we got lost. I got grumpy, but seeing my favourite human’s happiness turned my mood around.
  • Gabriel García Márquez Library – It’s beautiful! I could recharge my mental batteries there. Chosen as the best public library in the world.
  • Design Market Barcelona by FAD – I love seeing what local designers create, and being at this market was fantastic. We took the opportunity to do some Christmas shopping.
  • Classical Music Concert at the Palau de la Música Catalana – A top-notch experience! I almost cried at the beginning; it was so beautiful. You can spend hours admiring all the details. It was built in 1908, and its architectural style is Catalan Modernism.
  • Gastronomic Experience – To make my favourite human happy, we paid for a gastronomic experience. It was a 9-course dinner with two other couples (one from the UK and the other from the USA) we didn’t know. Fortunately, they were lovely, and we had an amazing time. We enjoyed the delicious food so much. Highly recommend what Chef Rudi does.
  • MOCO Museum – Being in this museum excited me a lot. I dream of seeing my nephews work there. Although a bit pricey, the artwork is captivating. I’m a fan of Banksy, but those by Guillermo Lorca and Kehinde Wiley – wow!
  • Tour of the Gothic Quarter with a Cool Argentine Guide – Everything was great, history everywhere! The kiss mural with mini photos was super interesting!
  • The best part of this trip was undoubtedly experiencing it with my fav human. Seeing his smile in every activity fills me with happiness!

Thank you for reading.

Have a great day! 😘

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