58 MOCO Museum ‘Modern and Contemporary’.

January 23, 2024

“Art can open doors, art can truly move you, art has brought me here, art sets me in motion, I believe in art, and it only is skeptical with me.”

– Hayden Kays

OMG, I loved the MOCO Museum! Here’s a bit of what we learned.

Lionel and Kim Logchies founded the Moco Museum (MOdern COntemporary). This museum specialises in modern and contemporary art, showcasing works by renowned and emerging artists. Both are known for their dedication to contemporary art and their commitment to promoting the works of contemporary artists in the art world. Through their efforts, Moco has become a prominent place in Amsterdam and now in Barcelona to experience and enjoy works by influential and avant-garde artists.

This cool museum is located on La Calle Montcada, a historic and emblematic street in the Born district of Barcelona. It is famous for its medieval and Renaissance architecture, hosting several historically significant buildings. On this street, you’ll also find other museums like the Picasso Museum. Besides museums, Calle Montcada is known for its cultural atmosphere, becoming a centre of art and culture in Barcelona, with art galleries, design shops, and cultural spaces.

The building housing MOCO (sounds funny, I know) is the Cervelló Palace, also known as the Mercè Palace. The palace dates to the 15th century and is a notable example of Catalan Gothic architecture. This building has been leased for 20 years for this museum.

Although the entrance seemed a bit pricey (26 euros), it was worth it. I was excited to see many young people enjoying the artworks; contemporary art really connects well with the new generations. Upon entering, you encounter Damien Hirst’s piece “Sacred Heart,” a dissected bull’s heart with feathered wings pierced by a knife. From there, you can enjoy works by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Banksy, Salvador Dalí, Damien Hirst, Keith Haring, KAWS, Hayden Kays, Yayoi Kusama, David LaChapelle, and Takashi Murakami, among others. There are also immersive art pieces that genuinely captivate, along with a significant collection of NFTs, making it the first space of this kind of digital art that can be seen in Europe.

So now I can’t wait to visit the MOCO Museum in Amsterdam.

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