60 The Beauty of December 2023

January 23, 2024


  • Chemistry Lessons – Bonnie Garmus
  • The Culture Map – Erin Meyer
  • Tía Buena – Alberto Olmos
  • Momo – Michael Ende
  • Chronicle of a Death Foretold – Gabriel GM
  • Antonio Vega – Magela Ronda
  • Cochabamba – Jorge F. Hernández


The Great Surgeon of Deception (Series – Netflix) This series left me in a bad mood. Doctors give me the shivers when they cross the line and feel superior. Sadly, cases like this go unpunished.

The Crown – Final We reached the end of this great series. I enjoyed all the seasons, and the ending seemed promising, but I needed more episodes to complete the story properly.

Leaving the World Behind, I hate movies about natural disasters; they scare me a lot, and this one seemed so real that it terrified me. We still don’t grasp how easy it is for us to disappear due to our selfishness and lack of human connection.

I’m Not Going to Ask Anyone to Believe Me This movie is based on a book. I regret watching it a bit; the story would have been more enjoyable in the book.


  • Pre-Christmas dinner with friends. It’s always lovely to celebrate and spend time with our friends. My human cooked with much love, and everything turned out delicious. I loved the Christmas gifts we received; I adore gifts, hehe.
  • Our trip to Barcelona was really cool.
  • Video call with my beautiful nephews to celebrate their birthdays. I love with all my being to see their smiles and know about them.
  • Christmas video calls.
  • I met my beautiful nephew; seeing my loved ones excites me a lot, even if it’s through a screen.
  • The arrival of another nephew. Fortunately, he is nearby, and we could meet him on the second day of his arrival.
  • Received gifts from Italy and Mexico. I loved them; knowing that someone remembers you and sends you gifts was genuinely beautiful.
  • Our book club. As every month, I love seeing our friends and sharing the reading of a good book.
  • Spending Christmas with my human and then enjoying our birthdays together.
  • Every year, I receive a BEAUTIFUL video from my nephews for my birthday.
  • Doing our rituals for Christmas, birthdays, and 2024.


  • I spent a lot of time planning a big trip for Christmas and our birthdays, and a day before leaving, the plan collapsed because our car decided to play up, and we couldn’t travel. Although it was frustrating, I trust life’s signals when it stops certain plans.
  • It’s very sad to see how some people don’t do their job with love or even commitment. I waited four months to resolve a procedure that ultimately took only ten minutes.
  • Bureaucracy doesn’t understand that they shoot themselves in the foot when they don’t do their job.
  • Christmas is a very cool but also very painful celebration for many people. It seems like a great reminder of what the human experience means.

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