64 BOOK Made in Spain – 2021

January 23, 2024

James Rhodes – (London-Spain, 1975)

“You can’t go back to the beginning and change it, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

C.S. Lewis

I started following Rhodes on social media after hearing him at the Hay Festival in Querétaro. I read his first book, “Instrumental,” and one day I discovered he was moving to Spain. He shared the news with great joy and hope. After reading his first book and knowing how tough his life was, it’s heartwarming to see someone finally find the light.

I followed his adaptation to Spain, saw how he fell in love with the country and began to advocate for the rights of Spanish children, which I loved. Seeing him speak out in a “foreign” country thrilled me. Opining about a country where you weren’t born can be as delicate as talking about religion, politics, or veganism. Locals often take offence, and seeing Rhodes express himself that way brought me great joy.

When I saw the title of his new book, it piqued my curiosity, and I bought it. I wanted to know more about Rhodes. I enjoyed reading it a lot; if you accompany it with his playlist, it becomes even cooler.

Chapter 1 seems like a real gem because every word resonated with me. It made me laugh a lot, although I hope the Spaniards don’t take it personally and laugh despite his intensity in describing what he sees, and then enjoy when he describes the English.

I thought I enjoyed this country because of its similarity to my place of origin, but when reading Rhodes, I realised that loving something is about seeing its “flaws” and “virtues” clearly. Every place, like people, has its wonderful and horrendous aspects, but you know you’ve come home when that equation is balanced.

This book is like accompanying Rhodes to his home. I like to think that life somehow balances things out; perhaps Rhodes’ difficult experience had a purpose, maybe for him to fulfil his mission. This book reminds us of uncomfortable but necessary topics, those silent screams that we must listen to.

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