67 BOOK The White Desert (2023)

January 23, 2024

Luis López Carrasco (Murcia, 1981)

“For some people, remembering is adding images, but I believe that remembering is updating emotions.”

I think what I’m about to write should be titled: “How to appreciate a book you haven’t enjoyed.” I’m a big fan of book clubs; I find it a wonderful opportunity to share, to become aware of all my blind spots. When we read a book, we do it from our experiences, level of consciousness and empathy. Often, the same book can be interpreted in very different ways. That’s why I’ve decided to participate in more book clubs this year. I had my first in-person meeting to dissect a book that I found challenging to read and, I must confess, didn’t enjoy as much.

Luces Bookstore organises the book club in Málaga, and honestly, it’s very well organised. The group I was in was small, but I immediately felt a connection, and I thoroughly enjoyed the almost 2 hours we had to talk about this book. The assessment of the book was unanimous; none of us liked it that much. We found it complex, unstructured, and without a clear thread. However, during the session, we analysed it chapter by chapter, and it was wonderful because we were piecing together the puzzle.

The book is futuristic and plays with the present and the past, adding complexity. There isn’t a clear main storyline; however, very clear themes connect each chapter, such as uprooting, desolation, the precariousness of certain times, and the characters’ confrontation.

Ultimately, we all agreed that even though we didn’t like the book when reading it, we enjoyed analysing it together to understand and appreciate it.

Thank you for reading.

Have a great day! 😘

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