73_BOOK: “The Savage” (2016)

February 12, 2024

Guillermo Arriaga (Mexico – 1958)

Revisiting this book is an absolute delight. I decided to do so since it was the book we discussed in our virtual book club. I have immense admiration for our friends in the club who don’t have Spanish as their mother tongue and yet ventured into reading 690 pages filled with Mexican slang, and fortunately, they enjoyed the experience!

Arriaga mentioned that he wanted to create a sensory novel and succeeded. During my reading, I felt my jaw ache and my hands sweat and I could smell the fear and taste the bitter anguish. It’s an intricately woven story faithful to the author’s style throughout his work. It unfolds in a neighbourhood in Mexico City, where he manages to capture a vivid picture of chilango life within a family, of social classes, of wild and loving sexuality, of drugs, of fanatics, of painful orphanhood, of books, of mourning, of corruption, of love, of friends, of two dogs, of orgasms, of a wolf, of the smell of blood, of vengeance-justice, of money, of the journey to freedom and peace.

This is an exceptional novel that taps into our wildness, something we all possess, though some are more domesticated than others. Although it may reflect only the reality of certain social classes, I believe that, upon deeper analysis, it’s the reality of us all because, in the end, we are all interconnected.

Juan José, Juan Guillermo, Carlos, Humberto, Chelo, Avilés, King, Colmillo, Whisky, Vodka, Amaruq, Zurita, Los Prieto, Jaibo, Agüitas, Bross, thank you for giving me emotions, sensations, thoughts, and reflections so profound.

Thank you for reading.

Wishing you a fantastic day! 😘

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