74_BOOK: “When the Cherry Trees Blossom” (2021)

February 15, 2024

Annabel Arcos Ruiz (Barcelona – 1982)

“I feel like depression is strangling my heart and suffocating me until I lose all sense of reason.”

I’ve got such a remarkable story with this book! During our last trip to Barcelona, while we were out exploring for bookstores, we stumbled upon one that wasn’t on our list, in the El Raval neighbourhood: L’Independent bookstore. It caught my eye because it wasn’t as crowded with books as they usually are. As soon as I stepped inside, I was immediately drawn to the warmth of its atmosphere; I love it when a bookstore embraces you with its cosy vibe! We were invited in and got to know the whole space, and we found out that they were finishing up a book presentation.

I was determined not to buy more books but couldn’t resist. I met Annabel, the author of this book, who gave me such a genuine smile that I bought her book. There was something about her that radiated positive vibes, and today it was an extraordinary coincidence and a wonderful gift to read her book. Although it had its tough moments, it left me with a smile and many reflections.

The book tells the stories of two friends who face life’s surprises together. I loved how it depicts life in Barcelona and the circumstances of two women with supposedly stable lives but also at a standstill and yearning to feel alive again. I laughed, I sighed, shed a tear or two, but what struck me the most was a sense of nostalgia that I had never experienced before: I missed a friendship, a friend. Because the most beautiful thing that happens in the book is knowing that life’s tough experiences will always be better weathered with a good friendship.

This book has become one of my recommendations for those who aren’t big fans of reading, because I believe that with this book, you can truly enjoy and fall in love with reading!

Thank you for reading.

Wishing you a fantastic day! 😘

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