77 Hay-on-Wye – My Bookish Paradise

February 25, 2024

“The power of books lies in their ability to transport us to unknown worlds and make us reflect on our existence.”

Hay-on-Wye is undoubtedly one of my favourite places in the world. Many years ago, I read about this quaint Welsh town with only 1900 inhabitants; for some, considered the world capital of second-hand books. This place became special to me, thanks to Richard Booth, a man with a great love for books.

Richard Booth was a book enthusiast who embarked on the adventure of creating the world epicentre of books. And how did he do it? Well, he started by opening a second-hand bookstore in the tranquil English village. However, tired of people passing by his town without noticing, he came up with a completely crazy idea. He proclaimed himself the King of Hay, which certainly caught everyone’s attention, including the crown and the English! It was a tremendous publicity stunt because he just wanted to be the King of books, and he succeeded in drawing attention to books!

Freedom permeates Hay; the atmosphere is simply perfect. We’ve visited the place three times and I love strolling through its streets, unhurriedly, exploring each bookstore, as each one has its own charm. You find books from all eras and of incredible quality. Some bookstores trust readers so much that you simply take the book you want and leave the money in a small box. I love the feeling of being in Hay because it seems like time can stand still. It’s the only place where I genuinely enjoy the cold weather, which invites you to have a cup of tea while savouring a good book.

“Every book is a treasure waiting to be discovered. We must explore the shelves with curiosity and find those that resonate with our soul.”

Thank you for reading.

Wishing you a fantastic day! 😘

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