Book: ‘The Art of Being Raffaella Carrà’ (2022)

January 23, 2024

Author: Paolo Armelli (Italy, 1988)

‘Raffaella Carrà is not a woman, she is a way of life.’

– Pedro Almodovar

OMG, Raffaella Carrà! If you’re feeling down, listen to Carrà’s music. I don’t think there’s anyone who, upon hearing Carrà’s songs, doesn’t feel the urge to move their little feet. I only knew one of her songs, which made me very happy. But now that I’ve listened to her music, I’ve really liked it.

This book is about Raffaella’s life and her journey from television and cinema to music. She was a very revolutionary woman, charismatic and brave, with daring and sensual moves that accompanied her gaze of freedom.

Over time, new generations tend to believe (and we ourselves have done it) that what’s happening now is the most ‘innovative’, forgetting about those humans who paved the way. It’s fascinating that, without social media support, she managed to conquer not only the Italian audience but also earned the affection of the Spanish and many in America. We must recognise the achievements of these artists whose creations transcended borders in a time when they didn’t have the advantages of social media, something that is a bit simpler nowadays as they can instantly reach thousands of places by posting something on social media.

This is the first book I’ve read about her. I would have liked to know more about that sad part she had, and she knew how to hide very well. I would like to know it because sometimes, the amount of joy a person projects is proportional to their sadness. She was a lonely woman, never married, had a very close-knit inner circle, regretted not being able to be a mother, and devoted herself to her audience until cancer took her away.

So, if you want a cheerful day today, treat yourself to a Raffaella Carrà song.

My favourite songs:

  • ‘Caliente, caliente’
  • ‘Tanti auguri’ – or the Spanish version: ‘Hay que venir al sur’
  • ‘Fiesta’ – or ‘Festa’ in Italian

Words I’ll keep in mind:

  • ‘Make love with whomever you want.’
  • ‘Sometimes sequins don’t illuminate enough.’
  • ‘You must look in the mirror to know who you are.’
  • ‘If you’re uncomfortable somewhere, even if it’s the Olympus of cinema, pack your bags and leave.’
  • ‘Elegance doesn’t depend so much on major brands, on the main fashion houses, but on oneself, on one’s way of being. And for that, no fashion stores or outlets matter.’
  • ‘It must be repeated to the point of boredom that, if you’re not harming anyone, sexual freedom and the freedom to live with joy and according to each one’s tastes are sacred rights.’
  • ‘There is no family without a cross on its back.’
  • ‘Thanks to my inner life, I’m not afraid of loneliness.’

Thank you for reading.

Have a great day! 😘

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