67 BOOK The White Desert (2023)

Luis López Carrasco (Murcia, 1981) “For some people, remembering is adding images, but I believe that remembering is updating emotions.” I think what I’m about to write should be titled: “How to appreciate a book you haven’t enjoyed.” I’m a big fan
January 23, 2024

75 BOOK Nothing is True (2022)

Verónica Raimo (Rome – 1978) “They say that when a writer is born into a family, that family is finished.” This was the book selected for February in my local book club. The verdict was unanimous: we all loved it! I thoroughly
February 19, 2024

74_BOOK: “When the Cherry Trees Blossom” (2021)

Annabel Arcos Ruiz (Barcelona – 1982) “I feel like depression is strangling my heart and suffocating me until I lose all sense of reason.” I’ve got such a remarkable story with this book! During our last trip to Barcelona, while we were
February 15, 2024

73_BOOK: “The Savage” (2016)

Guillermo Arriaga (Mexico – 1958) Revisiting this book is an absolute delight. I decided to do so since it was the book we discussed in our virtual book club. I have immense admiration for our friends in the club who don’t have
February 12, 2024

72_Book: The Balenciaga Enigma (2023)

María Fernández-Miranda (Gijón, Spain – 1975) “Give me an imperfect body and I will make it perfect.” The story of Cristóbal Balenciaga is absolutely fascinating. When you delve into his life, you realise that geniuses are simply born to do great things,
February 9, 2024

71 BOOK My Year of Rest and Relaxation (2018)

Ottesa Moshfegh (Boston, USA – 1981) “All acts of creation are acts of destruction.” -Pablo Picasso I had high hopes for this book because the title caught my eye. I must admit that, in my first attempt to read it, I couldn’t
January 25, 2024

66 BOOK Born to Run (2009)

Christopher McDougall (United States, 1962) “In terms of stress relief and sensual pleasure, running is what you have in your life before you discover sex.” There’s something I’ll forever be grateful to live for: giving a mom who, at the age of
January 23, 2024

65 BOOK Instrumental – 2015

James Rhodes – (Londres – España, 1975) “I was raped when I was six years old. They admitted me to a psychiatric hospital. I was a drug addict and alcoholic. I tried to commit suicide five times. I lost custody of my
January 23, 2024
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