65 BOOK Instrumental – 2015

James Rhodes – (Londres – España, 1975) “I was raped when I was six years old. They admitted me to a psychiatric hospital. I was a drug addict and alcoholic. I tried to commit suicide five times. I lost custody of my
January 23, 2024

72_Book: The Balenciaga Enigma (2023)

María Fernández-Miranda (Gijón, Spain – 1975) “Give me an imperfect body and I will make it perfect.” The story of Cristóbal Balenciaga is absolutely fascinating. When you delve into his life, you realise that geniuses are simply born to do great things,
February 9, 2024

54 BOOK Antonio Vega – (2023)

Magdalena Ronda (Spain, 1970) “I haven’t found the meaning of my life yet, but I keep looking for it every day and in every song.” – Antonio Vega Antonio Vega was born on December 16, 1957. If someone doesn’t know him, he
January 23, 2024

35 BOOK: Vicky Losada – Captain (2022)

Andrés Corpas (Spain) I love football, and over time, it has become more conflictive for me. Football, like many other sports and industries, contains a lot of human baseness, and I am a sinful human being who cannot judge. That’s why I
January 23, 2024

29 BOOK: “The Young Man” (2022)

Annie Ernaux (France, 1940) “If I don’t write them, things haven’t come to an end, they’ve only been lived.” This is one of the books that came in my Bookish box. It’s the latest work by the writer Annie Ernaux, who won
January 22, 2024

08 BOOK: John (2005)

Cynthia Lennon (United Kingdom, 1939 – 2015) This book has been incredibly touching, with a foreword written by Julian Lennon, shedding light on the complexity of being John Lennon’s son or part of his inner circle. The book is Cynthia’s account, John
January 22, 2024

07 BOOK: Lennon (2010)

David Foenkinos (Paris, 1974) Today’s a good day to discuss a man who left a musical mark in history. On this 9th of October, I’ll talk about John Winston Lennon. Honouring his fixation with numbers and celebrating his birthdate on the 9th
January 22, 2024