Business Leadership

52 BOOK The Culture Map (2014)

Erin Meyer (USA, 1971) “The Culture Map” has been one of my favourite business books of 2023. It made me reflect a lot on the invisible cultural barriers that affect the effectiveness of global teams and how valuable it would be to
January 23, 2024

37 BOOK Master Mentors (2021)

Scott Jeffrey (USA) 📖 This book compiles insights from 30 leaders in different industries, offering an intriguing strategy that leaves you wanting to discover more through the author’s podcast. You can’t escape all his products, can you? ✍🏾 When I read books
January 23, 2024


Yvon Chouinard (United States, 1984) “And what if we bought to live and didn’t live to buy?” Naomi Klein I’ve never bought anything from the Patagonia brand. I’ve looked at their stores with curiosity, but I thought their items were aimed at
January 22, 2024