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66 BOOK Born to Run (2009)

Christopher McDougall (United States, 1962) “In terms of stress relief and sensual pleasure, running is what you have in your life before you discover sex.” There’s something I’ll forever be grateful to live for: giving a mom who, at the age of
January 23, 2024

53 BOOK Tía buena – Hottie (2023)

Alberto Olmos (Spain, 1975) “Who decides if a specific woman is a hottie? The observer? The one who deliberately produces that image?” This book has really shaken me up. It made me reflect a lot on how I’ve changed over time. I’m
January 23, 2024

18 BOOK: Limitless (2020)

Jim Kwik (United States, 1973) 📝 In my goals for this year, I set out to learn how to use my brain better. I’m intrigued by everything there is in the brain, and on a podcast, I heard a recommendation for this
January 22, 2024