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66 BOOK Born to Run (2009)

Christopher McDougall (United States, 1962) “In terms of stress relief and sensual pleasure, running is what you have in your life before you discover sex.” There’s something I’ll forever be grateful to live for: giving a mom who, at the age of
January 23, 2024

37 BOOK Master Mentors (2021)

Scott Jeffrey (USA) 📖 This book compiles insights from 30 leaders in different industries, offering an intriguing strategy that leaves you wanting to discover more through the author’s podcast. You can’t escape all his products, can you? ✍🏾 When I read books
January 23, 2024

12 BOOK “Untamed” (2021)

Glennon Doyle (United States, 1976) I have to tell you that, at first, I set this book aside for a while 🫣. I started it, but it didn’t grab me; I began to clash with it and put it on pause until
January 22, 2024