44 RECAP The Best of November

TOP BOOKS FAVORITE SERIES OF THE MONTH El caso Bettencourt: El escándalo de la mujer más rica del mundo. This series is scandalously interesting. They only present one version of the facts, but delving deeper into the story of this incredibly wealthy
January 23, 2024

60 The Beauty of December 2023

TOP BOOKS FAVOURITE TV SHOWS AND MOVIES OF THE MONTH The Great Surgeon of Deception (Series – Netflix) This series left me in a bad mood. Doctors give me the shivers when they cross the line and feel superior. Sadly, cases like
January 23, 2024


OUR TOP BOOKS OUR TOP SERIES OUR TOP PODCASTS – SPOTIFY OUR FAVORITE MOMENTS • Documentary Theater: García Lorca • The deer’s mating season, but above all, the company • Being able to spend time with our friends/neighbours, who, although we’ve known
January 22, 2024