01 Who we are…

January 18, 2024


✍🏽 Here, we share what we cherish, what challenges us, what brings us joy, what touches our hearts, what we’re learning and unlearning—essentially, everything that shapes us as Humanitxs.

📝 👫🏽 We’ve decided to start this blog to feel a bit closer to our beloved people. Sometimes, physical distance feels heavy, and we don’t want to fade away; we want to continue narrating our adventures and make you feel close. That’s the essence of being a Humanitx.

REAL TALK 00: Our posts come from our shoes, with our biases and personal views. Let’s learn together.😘

REAL TALK 01: Every post is heartfelt. Each moment invested in this journey is filled with positivity, aiming for an enjoyable read and spreading good vibes.✌🏽

REAL TALK 02: We change our minds A LOT; it’s part of our learning process.🤪

REAL TALK 03: We’re not pros—neither in writing nor photography—so pardon any grammar quirks or spelling slip-ups. Bear with us when reading.🫣

REAL TALK 04: We hope this blog lets our little ones discover and understand us better; to know they have two quirky humans in their lives, loving them and forever ready to welcome them with open arms. ❤️

The real talks will keep evolving… 😬

Thank you for joining us on this unique human adventure. 👣

If you have something to share, need our help, or want to spread positivity, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to receive your lovely messages. 🥰

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