03 Why talk about books, you ask?

January 19, 2024

Books have always been a massive part of my life. I fell in love with reading because my dad was always buried in a book. I’d watch that stack of books on his bedside table rise and fall. Though, I’ve got a few little confessions to make. I wasn’t the girl diving into classics or the most revered authors in literature. My reads were pretty basic, think Disney tales or some children’s book collections my dad would gift us. But there’s one book I’ll never forget because it left a mark on my childhood, and that was: “The Champion Kid” (yeah, that was my kind of read).

The loveliest memory of reading “The Champion Kid” was having to read a page every day and jot down my thoughts, and my dad would check what I’d written. I always cherished my dad guiding me and our talks about my reflections. So, I learned to enjoy self-help books, sometimes even more than the ones forced on me at school.

But a while back, I realised some people underestimate self-help books. I’ve heard folks dismiss romantic literature, and some even claim reading classics is a waste of time. I know there’s a mountain of books out there, all sorts of topics and qualities, but through my years as a reader, I’ve learned to appreciate every literary genre. Because I started with basic tales and self-help books, I could explore other genres. I understand the importance of picking quality books; after all, what you read nourishes your soul, and everyone decides the quality they want to feed themselves.

Nowadays, I love diving into books from all genres. My monthly reads are usually a mix, blending fiction with non-fiction. It keeps my mind from getting stuck on one theme. I’m a reader who interacts with the book: I underline, I put little emojis (to remember what I felt), I write down my doubts, and I slap on post-its; basically, the book ends up tattooed. Hence, I’m not too keen on lending my books to just anyone as they’re a very intimate part of my life.

I adore learning about the books people read. I’ll never forget how, on our first date, my favourite human and I were getting to know each other, and I asked about the last book he’d read. Seeing his puzzled expression and his answer being “The Baldor” (WTF, it had been ages since he opened a book), I realised we’d make a tremendous complementary pair. He doesn’t share my passion for reading, but that doesn’t divide us. In fact, one of the things I cherish most about reading is going for morning walks and telling him about the books I’ve read. Nowadays, he reads more than before, and we have a favourite author in common; we’ll definitely delve into that topic later.

But why talk about books? I believe books are great life companions. They let you time-travel and dive into stories from the comfort of your home (or your favourite spot). I don’t think reading alone makes someone “wiser” per se, nor “better” or “worse”. I think reading is a wonderful way to experience human life. I don’t know of any other species on this planet that can read (if there is, please share), so I love knowing that I’m making the most of being human by enjoying reading and laughing, learning, enjoying, crying, and reflecting with everything a book has to offer.

So, I hope you find a book you love in this space. And if not, we’d love for you to share it with us. Also, pretty please send us your recommendations. We absolutely love getting book suggestions.

Thanks for reading along, and may the books you’re about to enjoy find their way to you! 😘

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